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Our Services


​Custom Hardware Design, based on PC x86/x64 platfrom, or Intel NUC, or Intel EDISON, or ARM platform.

We are specilized in embedded software development on different operating systems: Linux Yocto, Windows Embedded, Windows On Device, .NETMF.

We can design and produce fanless, monocoque, industry grade devices with custom chassis of any shape for any kind of usage scenario.



Mobile  solutions

​Mobile solutions for iOS, Andorid, Windows Phone, Windows RT, Windows PC.

All our solutions always target every mobile platform leveraging single platform capabilities and specific features, maintaining at the same time a single and unified user-experience.

Our mobile solutions integrate WiFi, GPS, and Proximity technolgies to enable: Geo-Marketing, Positioning-Marketing, Indoor-Mapping, Indoor Geo-Fancing, Access-Security, Indoor-Presence, scenarios.




Combining Embedded and Mobile with Cloud development capabilities, DOMOQ is able to create unique products and solutions on the market.

Our team is exeprienced in design Cloud-nased solutions for the Ingestion and Processing  of  huge amount of data with HTTP/REST and IoT protocols (MQTT, AMQP, CoAP) with BigData technologies and Machine Learning.

With double patent pending technologies, DOMOQ created HotPass product to build mobile solutions that integrates WiFi and Proximity technolgies to the Cloud-based notification and processing services to enable innovative business scanarios on any kind of industry.

Idea Development

DOMOQ members are multi-years professionals coming from Software and Hardware development giants like Microsoft and Apple.

If you need an innovative idea to be build with latest, and sometimes not yet available, technologies, DOMOQ is your best partner.

We are able to create concepts, fill patents, and also get standard and custom certifications from recognized institutes.

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