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Symphony: The harmony of living!

Treat yourself to comfort and simplicity, while increasing the value of your property, with the new friendly technology for the integrated management of the facilities and functions of residential buildings, hotel and other accommodation buildings, and office buildings.

With a single interface – e.g. programmable remote controls, touch panels, TVs, PCs, iPhones, iPads – the whole house is under complete control: video surveillance, phone calls and voice mail, home automation and much more.

Symphony allows to control all the aspects related to energy consumption in your home, and makes the different subsystems “talk” to each other: lighting and air conditioning, power generation and loads control, etc. No more energy waste, and green light to savings on the costs of facility management! The adoption of this system allows to achieve higher grades in the energy certification of buildings.

Symphony adopts a unified graphical interface, for an easy and intuitive usage of the system. Its installation has a low architectural impact installation, and the compatibility with peripherals and devices of any kind and brand, guarantee total design freedom.


DOMOQ is the technology provider for Fanless Monocoque Client devices and Ripping systems.

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